Let the Countdown Begin

I just got cleared for surgery!   Next Wednesday, the 17th of June, my thymus is coming out.  The last six months have been really brutal and I fought every day to get this figured out and for someone to take me seriously.  But I made it.

I just want to say a thank you to those of you that just kept showing up when this got hard.  Especially M.  Every single day, you just kept showing up.  You believed in me and supported me and you didn’t give up on me when so many others did.  You always did and said the right thing.   And thank you to The Coven and the Wizard and a few others too that didn’t tell me to stop being a whiner, didn’t hint that maybe nothing was wrong with me.  You patiently went through test results, millions of pictures from my scans that I kept sending you, and listened to my litany of complaints and frustrations (including, literally, months of talking about my shit).  You just kept showing up.  In the end, that’s all people really need – just someone who keeps showing up when the going gets tough.  I won’t ever forget it.

I don’t know what will come next – if the surgery will work, if it does work how many problems it will fix, what the next phase of treatment will be (if there is one).  But right now I am just very damn happy I made it this far.

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