I hate it when I am right

I had a follow-up eye appointment today.  After my trip to the ER in March with a “carcinoid crisis” my vision changed.  Some days, I couldn’t focus at close range, other days my vision was fine.  Some days I could read words on my computer screen but not my phone.  My vision was all over the place.

I had an eye appointment to make sure there was nothing actually wrong with my eyes five weeks ago, even though I am pretty sure this is just some weird hormonal thing.  I explained this to the ophthalmologist and she gave me a little wink and a pat on the shoulder and assured me that at my grand old age of 43, this was to be expected.  Bi-focal time!  Although I have no problem with bi-focals, if that is indeed what I need, I of course don’t think this is the issue and I tried to explain it to her that my vision isn’t the same every day.  But she wrote me up a prescription for bi-focals anyway.  I told her I wasn’t going to fill it until we were sure that I actually needed them….because my vision fluctuates…and she just gave me another wink and a pat on the shoulder.  Bless this dear patient.  She is too vain to admit she needs bi-focals.

I went back in today to have my eyes dilated and before she did this she decided to check my vision again.  Imagine her shock when she realized my vision was different than it was five weeks ago.  She checked over and over again.  How can this be?  I gave her a little wink and a pat on her shoulder and said “my vision fluctuates.”

We both agreed it probably made sense for me to wait and get a new prescription until we have a better idea of what my final vision is going to be.  I may not be vain, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling just a little smug.

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